About John Zeals

The Author of This Blog is John Zeals and he has a deep and zealous passion about sharing Ant Wisdom and other diverse, hidden meanings and sometimes very misunderstood topics within the Word of God.

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John Zeals was born and raised in Zambia (Africa), in a quaint little bush town called Ndola some many years ago and loves people, the outdoors, wildlife and nature and has been blessed to have travelled extensively.

As far back as he can recall, he has always been interested in the world around him and has always been very inquisitive in all aspects of the seeing visible and tangible world as well as the ever (temporary soon to be revealed) unseen invisible world…as mentioned in the Book of Romans 1:20,21 in the Bible.

He has a pioneering spirit and loves to share and teach all aspects regarding the Ant Wisdom, which is only one huge, yet small, part of what he enjoys doing. Studying inner things and being creative is a give for him, as well as believing that we are all on a journey whether in or out of Christ, by choice, as students of life, learning, discovering and seeking out the truth of every matter in life.

There is, within him, a pioneering spirit that creates a stirring thirst to want to know more about God, that presses him on in a focused direction and is where he enjoys being the most; always testing the boundaries of God’s Word and ALL aspects of the truth within God’s Word.

His hope is that you will join him, in this quest, and that he may be of service to you in sharing the gift and talents, that God has given him, in order to be a blessing, in these and other areas, topics and meanings for you to celebrate in Christ and enjoy.

May you be blessed in every way as you discover the Ant Wisdom.

Thanking you for your interest in this site.

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